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CGS1100 (In-Class)
Introduction to Microcomputer Applications

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This Site Contains: Course Outline Assignments
  Instructions for Capstone Projects Test Reviews
  Need Help?  

Note to All Students:  If you plan on working in the Open Lab:  1)  make sure you bring your new NWFSC Student ID; and 2) make sure you have your ID with you when you come to the Open Lab, because the Open Labs have Pay-to-Print, now! Lab Assistants are supposed to check for your ID, but you'll also need your ID if you plan on working/printing in the Open Labs; 3) No Food or Drinks are allowed in the Open Labs, and 4)  cell phone calls should be taken outside the Open Lab for the consideration of the other students.

Course Outline for Summer, 2015 -- the Syllabus

bullet CGS1100 Course Outline  (Word 2013 document format)

CGS1100 Course Outline  (HTML format)

CGS1100 Course Syllabus/Outline   (PDF format)

Textbook is a Custom Textbook designed for Northwest Florida State College.

It contains the Office 2013 Professional software and the student files needed for the textbook's hands-on exercises are available from the Publisher's website.  It is available through the campus bookstore, now owned by Barnes & Noble.



Student Files

bullet You can access the student files from the Pearson website:    http://www.pearsonhighered.com/exploring/
bullet Or simply copy them from the school's server (which we will do when we get to the Windows component).
Note:  Students:  I recommend that you purchase your book at the school's bookstore...they have the complete package.  The package contains 2 pamphlets, and a CD/DVD with the Office 2013 software.  Not all of the online vendors have all of these components! You can, however, purchase the textbook from the NWFSC bookstore online.


 Instructions for Team Capstone Projects


Capstone Project Instructions

Click on the button to go to the instructions on the Capstone Project,
including the Topic List, Outline, and Bibliography, and Presentation Hints.




Read the Computing Concepts (First) and the Online Experience (Second) chapters (booklets) that came with your textbook.

Then read the PowerPoint Presentation about Computing Concepts provided.  This is your first example of a PowerPoint Presentation.  I've tried to show you what your presentation might look like, but it does not have transition slides. The content describing what is in the slides is in the Notes section.   

  Computing Concepts

You will need to Right click on it and Save it to your storage device.  Then open it in PowerPoint, go to View and select Notes Pages.

You'll also be able to access the PowerPoint from the school's server from in class.


bullet Read the Course Outline/Syllabus.  Then, fill out the Email Authorization/Honor Statement and return to instructor by end of Drop/Add period.

Failure to comply with this requirement may result in your being removed from the course!

bullet Pick at least 1 Blue topic each from 3 different Yellow topics from the Capstone Project Instructions Topic List--that is...3 topics altogether, not 9 topics.

Email & Threaded Discussions

bullet Assignment 1  Email Assignment

Assigned:  1st week of class

Due:  June 5, 2015 MIDNIGHT! 

All RaiderNet Email questions (Ex. access to your account, passwords, forwarding to home email accounts-- should be addressed to the Help Desk (729-5396).

Do NOT use email from D2L!!! I cannot respond to them!

Note:  Please DO NOT send emails from both D2L and the NWFSC email systems. 
They both go to the same address, which means lots of duplicates for me. Thanks!

bullet Assignment 2
(Part 1)

Assignment 2
(Parts 2 & 3)

Available when
we get into D2L
in class.

Assigned when the Class enters D2L...
not until then...

Due dates will be
posted in D2L

Do Not Enter D2L Classroom until the class goes in together!
Click on the Button to

 Log On to D2L


Notes For the Remainder of the Assignments

  • Due dates represent the absolute last day/time that the assignment will be accepted.
    On the Due Date, Assignments are due at the Beginning of Class...not 5 minutes late, not 10 minutes late, not the next day.
    Reminder:  Assignments can always be turned in anytime before the due date. 
  • If you're not going to be in class for some reason, let me know before class begins!
    Otherwise...your assignment will not be accepted and you won't be able to make up a missed test!
  • Check Course Outline for Policies.

bullet For the following Assignments, you will need:
bullet a cover sheet for each assignment--which is a separate Word document(!)--not part of the assignment document.
See Course Outline for further details.
bullet the printouts for each assignment with each assignment's cover sheet in front of the assignment,
  • This does not mean a printout of the assignment instructions!  
    (Note:  make sure your file names are correct.  "Copy of ..." is not correct.
    Only submit printouts of your work.
bullet a storage device (Flash Drive recommended) with a folder called CGS1100 Assignments at the top level of your storage device with only your finished assignments in it and
bullet a two-pocket Paper folder (not plastic) in which you will place your Cover Sheet for each assignment, the printout of the assignment and your storage device. There is no need to place your name or the course information on the outside of the folder (that is what the cover sheet is for), so you can use your folder for other courses.
bullet NOTE:
bullet DO NOT use Staples, Paperclips or any other means of attaching your work. 
bullet DO NOT Attach your device to your folder.
bullet Place your printouts and your device behind your printouts in the right pocket.


One of the most important features that you will need to know how to do is to turn off the Hide extensions of known file types feature.  You will need to do this for all your homework!


In Windows 7:

  • Open the Computer

  • Click on Organize

  • Click on Folder and Search Options

  • Click on View Tab

  • Deselect (remove check mark) Hide extensions for known file types

In Windows 8:

  • Click on Settings (on the right side of the screen)

  • Click on Control Panel

  • Click on Folder Options

  • Click on View Tab

  • Deselect (remove check mark) Hide extensions for known file types

  • You may also want to select Display Always show menus from the View Tab as well to make your life easier.


Word Assignments Due One Week after we finish Word

bullet Assignment 3  Word  Updated
bullet Assignment 4  Word  Updated
bullet Assignment 5  Word  Updated
bullet Assignment 6  Word - Team Outline (See Capstone Project Instructions )                                 
Due:  One week after the Midterm Practical

Include cover sheet showing names of all team members and team leader
(You do not need a storage device, nor folder for this one.)

Remember:  The LAST day I will accept your Outlines and Bibliographies is
the Day BEFORE the Presentations begin, not the day of the Presentations!

Excel Assignments Due One Week after we finish Excel

Referencing and VLOOKUP & IF Functions 

PowerPoint to reinforce what you will have learned in class

bullet Assignment 7  Excel  Updated 7/28/2015
bullet Assignment 8  Excel  Updated 7/28/2015
bullet Assignment 9  Excel  Updated 7/28/2015
bullet Assignment 10 Excel  Updated 7/28/2015
bullet Assignment 11 Excel  Updated 7/28/2015

Capstone Project Threads Assignment Due One Week after we finish Access

bullet Assignment 12 Not Droppable

Your Capstone Project Threads to your Team Discussion Thread throughout semester (At least 2 before Midterm and at least 2 after Midterm and before Capstone Project is due) -- This is NOT the Capstone Project. This is an Assignment.


Test Reviews

bullet   MIDTERM REVIEW   Due One week after we finish Word
  bullet   Midterm OnlineTest Review   Word 2013 .docx format
  Midterm Online Test Review   .pdf format 

  Online Portion of Test will be online in D2L.  

Updated   9/15/2013
Updated   9/15/2013
  bullet   Midterm Practical will be held in class
bullet   FINAL REVIEW  - Final and Bonus Points will be online in D2L
  bullet   Final Review Word 2013 .docx format
Online Tests will be online in D2L.
Updated 11/4/2014
  bullet   Notes on Access


Need Help?  Here are some helpful tips:
  • Contact your instructor at mcmanusm@nwfsc.edu or come by my office during my office hours (found on my homepage and on my door).
  • Ask our FWB Lab Assistant, Debbie Birch.  She can help you with most technical problems, Office problems, and D2L issues, but she's not there to do your work for you!  Make sure you bring your NWFSC ID card when coming to the Open Lab.
  • Contact your fellow students--but be aware.  If you get all of your help from one individual, make sure that individual is right!  I've seen several students follow the lead and all of them wound up incorrect.  When in doubt...ask the instructor!
  • Ask a Librarian.  If you are having a problem with your research or having a problem finding information on a particular topic, NWFSC offers assistance through the college's Ask-A-Librarian service. Click on http://www.nwfsc.edu, click on "Library" on the Navigation Bar at the top, click on Help and How To, and click on Ask-A-Librarian. During LRC operating hours, you can also call 729-5395.
  • Take advantage of NWFSC's Free Online Tutoring Services
    • Information is available on the various tutoring support services at http://www.nwfsc.edu/LearningSupport/; you can also click on the "Free Tutoring" button on the right side of the NWFSC webpage.
  • Use Smartthinking online, real-time, real person, tutorial assistance.  Go to the NWFSC homepage, click on "RaiderNet" and logon as a student in the same way you would to register or check your grades. Among the quick links, there is one for Smartthinking.
  • Academic Success Center (ASC)
    • Having a problem with writing, including grammar, punctuation, paragraph structure or word usage?  Contact the ASC staff.  The ASC is located at the North end of Building E on the Niceville Campus and is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and on Fridays (except during the Summer semester) from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and on Saturdays (except during the Summer semester) from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm (All hours may vary depending on holidays and unexpected events).
    • Selected ASC services are also offered on the FWB campus, the Sikes Center in Crestview, and the Chautauqua Center in DeFuniak. Call 729-5389 for more information, or go to http://www.nwfsc.edu/Learning Support/. Free tutors are available in several areas, among them psychology, chemistry, accounting, economics, management, anatomy and physiology, history, Spanish, and ASL.
    • Why do I mention this one?  Office Professional, while it has a spellchecker and a grammar and style checker, is not infallible, particularly with word usage. Words can be spelled correctly, but be misused. Text messaging is a major contributor to students' using misspelled or misused words.  LOL (laugh out loud) or BFF (best friends forever) mean something in text messaging, but are not appropriate in a paper. So, who is ultimately responsible for proofreading?  You are! Spellchecking and grammar and style checking just might show up as part of your grade in this course!
  • Keep in mind, though, online help specifically designed for this course is generally not available...your best bet for assistance is still your instructor!


Dr. M.L. McManus Last Updated 07/28/15