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CGS1570 - Assignment Three

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Assignment 3

Do And

Turn In

(Everything in
Yellow is to be turned in...
in this
case, you will
physically turn
this one in:
the printout,
the storage device,
in a cheap,
paper folder.)





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One of the most important features that you will need to know how to do is to turn off the Hide extensions of known file types feature.  You will need to do this for all your homework!


In Windows 7:

  • Open the Computer

  • Click on Organize

  • Click on Folder and Search Options

  • Click on View Tab

  • Deselect (remove check mark) Hide extensions for known file types

In Windows 8:

  • Click on Settings (on the right side of the screen)

  • Click on Control Panel

  • Click on Folder Options

  • Click on View Tab

  • Deselect (remove check mark) Hide extensions for known file types

  • You may also want to select Display Always show menus from the View Tab as well to make your life easier.


Project Description:

You are hired as a marketing manager for a small airline service that provides transportation from Denver to frequently requested locations and vacation cities such as Las Vegas, Orlando, and New York. Your first big assignment is to develop marketing material that can be printed and mailed to potential customers in the Denver area and also in the cities serviced by the airline. From your previous marketing experience, you know that it is important to emphasize the most positive attributes of the airline as well as provide information that will generate interest in, and eventually revenue for, the company.



1. Create a Masthead:
  a. Open the file named a3_airline.docx and save it as a3_airline_YourInitials_solution.docx.
Example: a3_airline_mlm_solution.docx.
  b. Change the margins to .7" on all sides.
    Create a masthead with the main heading Sunset Airlines and a subheading As Enjoyable as Watching a Sunset.
    1) Use a Reverse Masthead on both headings (light text on a dark background)
(selecting paragraph, not text). This is not a table nor textbox!

Change the background to 100% solid black.

    2) Change the text effect of the main heading to Gradient Fill - Orange, Accent 6,
Text Effects:
Inner Shadow Inside Diagonal Top Left
increase the Font size to 36pt, and
the Font to Bookman Old Style
    3) Change the text effect of the subheading to Orange, Accent 6, Lighter 40%,
the Font Size to 13pt, and
the Font to Comic Sans MS and Italics.
    4) Left align the heading and right align the subheading.
2. Create the Headers & Footers:
  a. Create a Header using the 3 column format replacing the textblocks with the following:
    1) your first and last name at the left margin
    2) your Student ID at the center
    3) your course number and reference number at the right margin
  b. Create a Footer using the Ion Light format
    1) Replace the Document Title with the filename at the left margin (using QuickParts/Field/Filename with no path) and Student Name (from saving the document) should remain on right.

Name should be Student's Name, and not some other name or IT Department.
4. Create Columns and Format Text:

You now need to adjust the text to display in two columns below the masthead. You will also make several modifications to the text so that it is visually appealing and also conveys all the important information the airline wants to promote to potential customers.

  a. Set a two-column format to arrange the text below the masthead beginning with the word Welcome by inserting a Section Break Continuous and then insert another paragraph mark above the paragraph, but below the Section Break Continuous.
    1) Display a line between the columns
    2) Set equal column width on the columns
    3) Set another Section Break Continuous at the end of the text and
Set the area below to display in one column
  b. Set a dropped cap letter on the first letter of the word Welcome in the first paragraph (below the Continuous Break) to extend over 3 lines of text and set the spacing between the Dropped Cap and the Text to .1".
  c. Cut the paragraph that begins with the phrase Because we want to be the airline .
    1) Insert it into a textbox using the Retrospect design from the Text Box gallery,
    2) Set it to wrap on Top and Bottom
    3) Center the text.

(Make sure the textbox reaches from column margin to column margin, otherwise the centered text will be off center to the column.)

    4) Do not include any extra paragraph marks above or below the text within the textbox.
  d. Select the paragraph that starts with the phrase We are always adding and
    1) Move it to the top of the second column using a Column Break and an extra paragraph mark (above the paragraph)--making it even with the paragraph in the first column.
    2) Apply a box border that uses one of the 2 gradient line styles (near the bottom of the styles list),
    3) Set the color to Orange, Accent 6 Darker 50%., and
    4) Set the width to 3pts width
    5) Set shading for the paragraph using the color Orange, Accent 6, Lighter 60%.
  e. Use a bullet list to organize the regulations listed in the paragraph that begins For a more enjoyable flight.
    1) Customize the bullets to use the airplane symbol, Webdings: 241.
    2) Decrease the indentions to move the bullets back to the left margin.
    3) This paragraph should be below the SmartArt, but above the Section Break Continuous--more about the SmartArt below.
    4) Change the font of the paragraph and bullet list to Verdana and set the font size to 11 pts.
5. Add Graphics for Visual Effects:

You have several ways to make the flyer visually stimulating, but you know that it is easy to add too much and thus defeat the purpose of attracting customers. You decide to use SmartArt, Clip Art, and a few shapes to complete the look.

  a. Position your insertion point in the first paragraph. Insert a clip art picture of an airplane in front of a sunset using airplane, sunset. You will have to search the Microsoft Online Clip Gallery to find an appropriate picture.
    1) Place the picture on the right side of the column in line with the top of the paragraph (there is one with an airplane landing against a sunset that's really cool looking)
    2) Use Square Text Wrapping and
    3) Make sure that the picture is less than or equal to 1 inch in size (height and width) without making it so small that you can't see it...and keeping the proportions in tact (Lock Aspect Ratio).
  b. Position the insertion point between the We are paragraph and the For a more enjoyable numbered list paragraph in the right column.

Insert a SmartArt object; use the Diverging Radial from the Cycle section.

    1) Display the Text pane and type Denver on the first line to represent the circle in the middle.
    2) Click and type the following cities to fill the outer circles: Las Vegas, Orlando, New York, and Chicago.
    3) Press Enter after you type Chicago, and then type Minneapolis (Coming Soon!).
    4) Click Enter once again and type Salt Lake City (Coming Soon!).
    5) Resize the SmartArt to fit inside the column, making sure that each name is not divided inappropriately.
    6) Change the color scheme of the SmartArt to use Colorful - Accent Colors.
    7) Format the SmartArt object with Square Text wrapping
    8) Change the size so the object is 2.5" high and 3.5" wide
    9) Display the SmartArt below the shaded paragraph in the 2nd column
    10) Change the Layout properties to center the object horizontally within the column, and then use a Lock Anchor setting so it will remain in position.
  c. Place a Curved Up Ribbon shape at the bottom of the 1st column with "Ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction" in the text area(not a separate textbox on top of shape).
    1) Make sure the text area remains inside the banner and should fit above the table (see below) and within the margins.
    2) Change the shape style to Light 1 Outline, Colored Fill - Orange, Accent 6.
    3) Increase the size of the text to 16 pts and bold the text.
    4) Use the sizing handles on the top of the ribbon object to increase the size of the face of the ribbon so the text fits on it, if necessary.
  d. Place the insertion point at the bottom of the document.
    1) Open the Excel workbook a3_flights.xlsx and save it as a3_flights_YourInitials_solution.xlsx

Example: a3_flights_mlm_solution.xlsx

    2) Copy the Chart from the spreadsheet, and then paste it into the Word document, linking the chart to the document. It should display below the bottom Section Break Continuous--in the 3rd section).
    3) Reduce the chart size as needed so it fits centered on the bottom of the page, in the one-column section. If necessary, change the wrapping style and use the Lock anchor setting for precise placement showing all of the labels and data.
    4) Edit the data in the Excel worksheet so the Los Angeles on-time percentage increases to 93% in cell D5, and then update the chart in the flyer to reflect this change.
  e. Insert a Sun shape in the bottom-left corner of the flyer.
    1) The height and width of the object should be 1.2"
    2) Change the shape style to Colored Fill - Orange, Accent 6.
    3) Copy the object, and then paste it to create a second identical object.
    4) Drag the object to the bottom-right corner of the flyer so the two suns appear as bookends to the chart.
  f. Make adjustments to spacing and line returns as necessary to display all text and objects without overlapping. Make sure that the entire document fits on one page within the margins.
  g. Save and close all files, and then submit based on instructions below.


This is how it should look when you're done...

Final Note: Refer to the "When turning in your assignment" below and the Course Outline for additional instructions on how to turn in your work.

Items I'm looking for:

    bullet ability to save the document to the correct name
    bullet correcting all spelling and grammatical errors
    bullet adding a headers & footers
    bullet applying the appropriate formatting options
    bullet use of the Show & Hide to find hidden codes and manipulate them
    bullet ability to revise the page layout setting, changing margins
    bullet ability to create a masthead (and know the difference between a masthead and a reverse masthead)
    bullet know how to use different types of breaks (continuous and column)
    bullet ability to create two column formats
    bullet create pull quotes using textbox styles
    bullet ability to add clip art
    bullet ability to create a Drop Cap
    bullet ability to create a page border, but you won't have to create one for this assignment
    bullet to create a bulleted list, customize the bullets to match the content and reduce the indentions to move the list back to the left margin
    bullet to insert SmartArt objects
    bullet insert shape objects and apply formatting options to the objects
    bullet copy content from Excel into Word document (hint: you'll need to know how to do this for your project only into PowerPoint)

When turning in your assignment, provide the following:

bullet Cover Sheet
  bullet See course outline for what to put on cover sheet but it should be a separate document from your assignment.

For Example of Cover Sheet, CGS1570 Cover Sheet Example
Click on the button
for Word 2013 Cover Sheet Document.
bullet Printout of your assignment;
bullet Storage device holding your assignment
  bullet a USB (or flash drive) memory stick (preferred) or CD (make sure you close the CD for reading--that is write the files after copying them to the CD) with your assignment in electronic form; and

Reminder: All assignment files should be stored in one folder on your storage device at the top level in a folder called
CGS1570 Assignments
, with no subfolders. The only items in this folder should be your final versions of your homework. It should be easy to find.

  bullet Note: I cannot stress this enough!

You MUST include a storage device. If you do not, your work will be returned ungraded (see course outline), and you will receive a zero. You must include a storage device and one that works!
bullet CHEAP, two-pocket paper folder -- no plastic
  bullet Place cover sheet, storage device and printout in the pockets of the folder.
  bullet Do not attach your printouts to the folder using any method. Also, do not use staples or paperclips on your printouts.
  bullet You can place more than one assignment in the same folder, but the assignments must each have a cover sheet and must be in order from first to last.



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