NWF student helps rescue toddler from traffic

June 13, 2017

NICEVILLE- On June 4, Amy Witte, a bachelors in Amy Witte receives awardEarly Childhood Education student at NWF State College, was involved in the rescue of a three year old toddler from the southbound lanes of Beal Parkway in Ft. Walton Beach after she had wandered into traffic.

Amy and another individual, Toby Dozier, were responsible for recovering the child and returning her to safety. After noting that the child’s parents weren’t around, Amy then stayed with her while six year old Addyson Shipley consoled the toddler until authorities could locate her mother.

For her compassionate efforts in the safe return of a young child, Amy Witte, alongside Toby and Addyson, was awarded with the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Outstanding Citizen Award on Tuesday, June 13.